Thursday, August 25, 2011

My lady bugs messages to her dawdy...

lady bug,
daddy had to go back to work a week after you were born and sometimes he was gone till really late or for a few days at a time...

so when we missed daddy we sent him these videos to make him smile :)

Lady bug missing her dawdy part 1

Lady bug misses her dawdy part 2

 your mommy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my ladybugs sleepy time...

here are just some sweet pictures of you sleeping... i couldn't resist :)

 your mommy

Monday, August 22, 2011

My lady bugs 2 week check up & duckie dance...

Lady bug, 
today was your 2 week check up with your dr. & she says that your little 7.7 lb, 21" long body is perfect and you are growing healthy and strong!

Jack & Alma ( gma n gpa clausens neighbors) bought you this cute little duckie outfit!

 your mommy

my lady bugs photo shoot with Amy Rex Photography (aka Aunt Amy)...


Brylee Sue,

we also did a little photo shoot with aunt amy...

 this is my favorite picture

 your mommy

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Lady Bugs first bath...


my lady bug today we gave you your first official bath! you cried a little cause mommy didnt keep you warm enough :(

i tried my best but you kept kicking off the towels :)

aunt leah and uncle chris bought you your bath! thanks aunt leah & uncle chris!

daddy did your hair funny after your bath... hehe... you have the greatest hair!

we have a recording of your first bath and your cousin brynn loves to watch it :) but we wont put it on here for all to see ...

but here is a video of daddy giving you kisses right before your first bath

 your mommy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

my lady bugs first smile...

my lady bug, today you smiled for the first time! it was probably just gas or you dreaming, but it was the sweetest little smile i have ever seen. it brought tears to my eyes

 your mommy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My lady bugs first pool party...


Lady bug, 
today we went over to gma n gpa clausens and had a pool party with our cousins!

mommy took a break from the party to feed you but your cousins love you so much that they wanted to follow. 

while mommy was feeding you your cousin brynn was really curious why you were under a blanket. 

here's how the conversation went:
Brynn- " what are you doing under there?"
mommy- " feeding the baby"
brynn- "with what?"
mommy- "with milk from her mommy"
Brynn- " milk from you?"
mommy- "yup"
brynn- "thats weird"
mommy- "thats how your mommy fed you"
brynn- " well why dont you go to the fridg-A-Lator and get her some milk out of there?!"

after the pool party we went home and watched one of our favorite shows
 "So you think you can dance" 
 you danced with daddy during the show

 your mommy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My lady bugs visitors...

So many people love you and came to visit you, here are just a few...

great gma n gpa stout

cousin brekyn

cousin Logan

cousin evan

cousin brynn

cousin lindsay

 your mommy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home sweet home

lady bug,
today 8.8.11 we left the hospital. it was a pretty big day so aunt amy came and took some cute pictures of you in your first outfit. you were so tiny it looked ginormous on you, but so cute!

the nurses got us all checked out, took off your baby lo-jack and wheeled us out to the from where we put you into your car seat for the firs time. you looked so small in the seat and your poor little head looked so uncomfortable :(

when we got home there was balloons and banners that aunt amy and uncle tyler put up for you and everyone at censource had signed it and wrote you notes. plus gma gpa clausen were there with uncle dave and aunt stephie who were visiting from utah. they were so nice... they vacuumed the house and went to the grocery store for us!

 your mommy