Saturday, April 7, 2012

my lady bugs first easter egg hunt...

brylee sue, 

today was a very busy day...
first you and daddy road bikes and met mommy at the park where all your gmas, gpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins from mommy's side were.
 we ate brunch then had an easter egg hunt
there were over 300 eggs!  
it was so fun helping you pick up eggs and putting them into the basket
daddy was fast and efficient :) he was a great hunter
you played with brekyn and tara too
after the easter bash we met grammy and papa and uncle jack at the mall where rara was busy buying things to fill up your easter basket
everything is so cute! mommy cant wait to see you in all your cute new clothes 
you are so blessed to have such great grandmas they all love you so much!
after that we went home and were so tired it was a hot day too...
you me and daddy were all pretty tuckered out so we took a nap together. 
i love snuggling you!
then we baked daddys bday cake for his party tomorrow and got ready to go see uncle brett!
he is visiting from idaho for the week. 
you had so much fun playing with gma clausen. she is a good peekabooer :)

right now your are asleep in your daddys arms, i asked him to watch you while i brished my teeth and before i came back to get you you were all snuggly in the blankies with daddy and sound alseep. i didnt even get to put on your jammies !
well i better get to bed its late and we have another big day tomorrow. i love you so much my brylee sue

your mommy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lady bugs first bday gift for daddy...

brylee sue,

today is your daddy's birthday! he turned 28 years old!!
we had the BEST day with daddy
first we went to lunch with everyone from the office and grandpa fred came too! 
then we went home and got the house all cleaned up and worked on daddys gift. 
you were the perfect lady all day for mom and dad! we have THE best daughter in the universe, 
i couldnt be a happier mommy :)

money is pretty scarce these days but you and i still wanted to give daddy something special so you and i went on a bike ride with daddy and then came home and had breakfast for dinner... yum!
then daddy watched some sports center and afterwards opened his gifts
we opened daddy his own savings account and put a little money in it so he can save up for a new bike you know, your daddy hasnt had a new bike that i know of, all of his biking stuff has been handed down from different family members, mostly gpa clausen :) daddy has been taught great values and morals from his parents. he knows how to take care of his possessions even if they arent "new" they are still new to him and he takes great care of them and appreciates their value. mommy is so grateful to gma and gpa clausen for showing him the importance of memories that are made instead of the money that was spent.

instead of a card this year we made daddy a little video...

to be posted later :)