Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my lady bugs first sicky day :( ...

lady bug, 

today, well for the past few days, you haven't been acting like your fun happy self, you have been cutting a tooth and feeling pretty lowsy. mommy feels so bad because there isn't much i can do aside from giving you some baby tylenol, which doesn't seem to be helping too much, and snuggling you (which is my favorite part)

Sunday you woke up with a yucky wet cough and after church just laid around very melancholy. which is very unlike you. we went to grammy rara & papa's house for din din and then came home where you fell in n out of sleep. you didn't sleep very well either, you snuggled between me n daddy but tossed and turned and coughed all night long. you finally fell asleep around 730 monday morning and didn't wake up for the day until about 1130. then you watched tinker bell while mommy cleaned up the house, well attempted to clean the house :) 
sometimes i feel like when i clean up i make a bigger mess :)

daddy came home before class and held you while mommy got some stuff done. he loves you so much. he called a bunch today to check on you and made sure to pray for you while he was at work. then while he was in class we made dinner and picked up some more. once daddy got home we had family home evening and went for a walk to the grocery store and read an article in the ensign. 

you have the best daddy in the world. he gave up his bed for you to sleep in his spot next to mommy. even though he had to wake up extra early to drive down to san diego he slept on the couch so that you and i could be more comfortable. he is the best dawdy :)

it is so hard listening to you cough and cry because you are sick. i wish there was more i could do for you. everyone tells me i cant shield you from all the germs and i know they are right but i wish i could! it would be worth it to make sure you never hurt or feel yucky. if i could i would protect you from everything, but i cant. i know you will have to get sick, skin your knee, and make mistakes to learn and to grow, and daddy and i will be there every step of the way to kiss your boo boo's better.
your mommy

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