Sunday, May 13, 2012

my first mothers day with my lady bug...

Brylee Sue,

today is may 13th 2012- mothers day. a day i have been waiting to celebrate for a very long time.
for years i watched as moms and grandmas got flowers and candies and hugs, but this year i got to join them! and the best part is i got to celebrate with you and daddy! i have THE best lady in the entire world so i think its safe to say that i had the BEST mothers day.

you and daddy got me an awesome gift too- a new dyson vacuum!!! it may not seem that cool to you now but when your a mommy and you have a little lady crawling around and eating everything off the floor its going be seem pretty sweet. i couldnt wait to use it so daddy let me open it early :) he's a nice daddy

today we woke up and went to church and then visited gma clausen and grammy rara. you wrote them nice cards and got them each photos of you- they loved them!

this was your mothers day outfit! your shirt says "mommys little lady bug" i thought it was just perfect!

right now you are home in bed snuggling with daddy. this is daddys favorite time with you. he loves to snuggle you and cuddle you to sleep. well its getting late and mommy is tired. thank you and daddy so much for the best mothers day! i love you both so very much!

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