Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady bugs first father's day...

Brylee Sue,

today was yours and daddys first fathers day. it was so much fun! we woke up and made daddy breakfast while he read the cute card we made him.

then went to church with gma & gpa clausen where daddy and gpa wore their gifts from you... matching ties with your sweet face printed all over it! everyone loved them. daddy and gpa got lots of compliments. you also played with your friend kaleb green during relief society- you two were so cute!

after church we took a nap and then opened daddys second gift and watched it

then all the cousins came over and we ate yummy ribs that aunt rhonda made and then we played!

 you are so close to walking! you went a few steps all by yourself to get to cousin logan and mommy missed it... you always sit your little buns down when mommy gets the camera you little stink bug :)

after dinner and play time we went to grammy rara and papas house and ate some breakfast for dinner and played with our aunties and uncles and papa opened his gift from you- a mug with you all over it :)

then we went home and played just me you and daddy... thats my favorite time- just us

you made this fathers day so special for me and for daddy. we couldn't have asked for a more amazing daughter we love you so very much


your mommy

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